When Friday night can no longer be climbing night… becomes ‘wear a purple wig and have a virtual fizzy Friday with your pals’ night. In times like these, it is tricky to stay positive. Try to do one thing every day that puts a smile on your face. My friends put a smile

Pint for Frank number 26

Orla fancied some too. Shared this one with my best friend who is just about to move to France. Check out his @ililaptopstand eco and sleek laptop stand. We’ve known each other longer than we haven’t

RIP Mirella Freni

Here I am with her in 2005, when I was just contemplating going to music college. I went to Rimini to learn Italian and had singing lessons and masterclasses with her. She was a phenomenal singer, a true beauty and a wonderful personality. #freni #mirellafreni #operasingersofinstagram This