Kirkcudbright Festival of Light

Emma and her duo partner Jonathan Fisher were delighted to perform the opening concert at the inaugural Kirkcudbright Festival of Light. As well as performing an evening recital, they gave a workshop at Kirkcudbright High School, including musical warm-up games and a masterclass for the singing students.

In Kirkcudbright, Emma and Jonathan also performed in a building known as ‘the smallest opera house in the world’. It is actually a converted beach hut on the sea front which has been painted to look like the inside of an opera house. There is a piano within, but the seaside climate doesn’t do much for the tuning, so Jonathan managed to play the accompaniment to ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’ in the original key in his right hand, with his left hand playing down a semi-tone, in order to make the piano sound a little more in tune…

The recital programme included Liszt’s beautiful settings of Victor Hugo texts. You can hear one of them here. (link to a recording I’ll send you… is that possible?)



included Liszt's settings of Victor Hugo texts


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